“As we become more competent in using technology, so too will the potential to maximize the client experience, increase efficiencies and bring the Beauty Therapy Industry into the future.”


In a fast-moving, digital and highly connected world, it is vital to recognize the consumer journey no longer begins and ends in the salon.

We now live in a connected world where people want to feel close to brands and superstars alike. People want to know more and feel closer to the products they interact with on a regular basis.

So what does that mean for the Beauty Industry??

Digital experiences and communication are becoming a significant source of building consumer loyalty and awareness. With that in mind, the beauty industry needs to embrace this new era of communication and take full advantage of it to drive business opportunities.


As we move into the new digital era, a new wave of digitally savvy clients are emerging. They want to engage, interact and communicate with us in a very non-traditional way.

They want to feel connected with your brand before, during and after their appointments.  

Save your time don’t spend it

Social Media

Facebook remains the most widely used platform, with 1.75 billion active users per month. Clients need to be aware of your digital persona.

Managing your social media however will require your time so you do need to schedule that into your work week.

If your social presence is already active, take things to the next level and have a look at tools like Hootsuite. It schedules all your social posts, automates tasks like posting photos and replies to clients on your behalf.

One the hunt for new clients?  LinkedIn is a great place to find new groups of people in your area that might not yet know about you.

Simple Solutions Give a Feel Good Factor

Hit Cruise Control

Want to increase product sales?  SELF Digital Beauty is a sales tool and CRM.   It is an app that walks the therapist and client through consultation, skin analysis and the products you would like to sell.

The best part is your clients can check their skincare account, see their results and buy your products through the app.

Turn A Visitor Into A Client

People will visit your website to check you out.  Why not grab their details while they are there?  Tailored Forms  have introduced a chat style pop up for your website and social.  You can personalize your questions and even add your face to the message.

If you are wanting to grow your client data base this is simple easy way to gain traction and connect to those who are just checking you out.

The more excitement you can build before a client enters the building, the better their overall experience will be

Email Marketing

Emails that are so beautiful they stop traffic. We have all seen eye-catching editorial emails that grab your attention. MailChimp is a personalized email marketing platform.

You can be your own marketing guru by creating automated marketing campaigns to keep existing customers engaged and reignite interest from customers who have gone cold.

“Looking to 2020 and beyond the consumer landscape is driven by themes of privacy, individuality, wellness, convenience and connectivity” (Mintel 2019).

The move to digital should be an uncomplicated, simple solution. Life running a salon is extremely busy. It can be hard to find the time to invest in learning new technology, but the benefits of implementing Digital Tools far outweigh this initial strain.

As we become more competent in using technology, so too will the potential to Maximize the client experience, increase efficiency and ensure the Beauty Industry remains relevant.


How your salon can compete in the global beauty market

The global beauty industry is booming!  Skincare is set to grow to $180 Billion US dollars by 2024, according to Inkwood Research and (Statista 2018).

While these statistics may look appealing, we need to remember, most of these purchases are coming from Department stores, pharmacy’s, supermarkets and online retailers.  They take the largest portion of the “pie”.  WHY?

Apart from major brands having very deep pockets, they understand the market is evolving rapidly and in order to win the ultimate game means they have to lead the way in understanding consumer behaivour.

Mecca, for example, launched its largest New Zealand flagship store in 2018, chief executive Viv Beck said “Retail has always been competitive.  Consumers tastes are constantly changing, it’s a very dynamic industry.  The key is to provide a social experience.”

The question we need to be asking is where do we as the “Beauty Therapy Industry” sit in all of this so called skincare boom??  How do we make sure we continue to stay relevant and ready for the next wave of skincare consumers??

Consumers are purchasing smarter and the top 3 trends clients look for when purchasing a prodct are: product information, personlisation and convienence.  Below I have highlighted these 3 factors and  discuss ways a beauty salon might look at meeting the current market trends.

Education (information)  clients want to remember

Beauty Therapist’s do education extremely well face to face.  But what happens when your client walks out the door?  In their half sedated state of relaxation bliss, how much information have they actually taken in??

Well, not a lot according to the (Ebbinghaus) memory curve study.  Within 24 hours people will forget 75% of what you told them!

To meet consumer’s expectations, information needs to be recieved at a time that is convenient for them.  Engaging with your clients outside of the salon is one posibility.  It’s about drip feeding advice not bombarding them.  Think of ways you can keep communicating and educating in between visits.

Personalise to suit their needs

Personalisation is one of the most effective ways to turn visitors into customers.  75% of shoppers agree that content that is customised around their interests influenced their decision to purchase.

Personalisation means you are providing a service that is customised to the client’s specific concerns.

The best way to personalise your treatments are through consultation and skin analysis.  I know this is nothing new, but when you are busy or pushed for time, sometimes these important steps can be missed.

There is something to be said about taking time to analyse your clients skin and keep a running record of their progress.  This is where you can bring value to your service and your skills as a Beauty Therpaist.  Not only that but it also shows your client a clear action path to achieving their goals.   Give them the why!

Retail Sales E-Commerce

I cannot stress how important this side of your business will be over the next few years.  If you have not set your salon up for on-line product purchasing I suggest you start looking into it now.

Moj Mahdara, chief executive of Beautycon, says,

“retail is going through this massive reinvention. Billions of people are online at all times, scouring for something that’s going to make them feel better.”

With the help of  intergrated software like Laybuy, Oxipay, and PartPay you can stream-line your sales service, earring you money even after the salon doors have closed for the day.

We are starting to see a shift with clients asking for this service as a purchasing option.  This is defentely a trend that will only be on the up.


If you think these tips are useful write a comment or if you have implemented your own strategies to meet the competetive marget I would love know.